Canoe Kayaking

Founded since 2000

Ten years ago, the Axis Canoe Kayak Rafting Club FLCK, has founded the canoe school along the river axis which aimed at cleaning the water flow and keeping the consistency of the rapid conformation which made it ideal for learning the kayak techniques, attaining the quality of distinct kayak, and the equipment used with the help of the most qualified tutors.

Teachers of kayak techniques courses keep daily accurate verification of all the materials that are provided to the students to be used such as paddles, helmets, and life-jackets.

Assi Club offers kayaking courses for beginners and for advanced levels through teaching most importantly the navigational and safety aspects.

Kayaking for beginner level

- General information about the boat 
- getting in and out of the boat
- safety aspects 
- basic paddling techniques 
- hip and knee movements 
- rivers and what to look out for

For beginners, teaching of kayak techniques are given in a pool and then it will be in the river right in front of the club to be able to move to another level.

Kayaking for advanced level

- Emergency exit
- methods of self-saving
- more paddling techniques 
- rolling over 
- how to properly "read" blue-water 
- surfing on a kayak