Experience the thrill of Whitewater rafting on the Assi River. Join Assi River in an adrenalin rush that takes you down the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world. Fast and furious, this exhilarating ride moves you through foamy water and over the awesome three meter drop. Although this trip provides full on action the river is pool drop meaning that every rapid is followed by calm water making it very forgiving for a grade 5 river, adventurous beginners are welcome.

Rafting is an ideal water sport for families; for it combines sports, adventure, with a lot of fun and excitement. At Assi Club, rafting is given on two levels, one is for family and kids considered as beginners, and another one for advanced people. Qualified trainers accompany each rafting group giving them a general session before starting. The Club also provides the participants with paddles, life-jackets, and helmets assuring safety.


1- Rafting for beginner level (Family and Kids)

- General information about the boat 
- getting in and out of the boat
- safety aspects 
- basic paddling techniques 

The duration of the tour is around 60 minutes.


2- Rafting for advanced level

- Emergency exit
- methods of self-saving
- more paddling techniques
- passing through several waterfalls

The duration of the tour is around 1 hour and 50 minutes including three waterfalls.